Visa PaySticker is a one-sided Visa Electron/Classic contactless card sticker. You can use it to make contactless payments. The sticker is not a primary card itself, it needs to be linked to one in order to be used. The sticker can be linked to Visa, Mastercard and ARCA cards*.

*Except Gift, ArCa customs and Business cards.

The sticker is delivered to you in the form of a card. Remove it from the middle as shown in the picture and attach to your wallet, smartphone, bag, etc. Note that stickers should not be attached to items having protective radio-screens that cover the face of the sticker.

You can use the sticker even if you attach it to your phone beneath the case as long as the case is not metal. The terminal will not be able to read cards through metal.

Stickers are international payment cards and can be used in Armenia and worldwide at all merchants where contactless payments are supported. About 80% of merchants in Armenia support contactless payments and soon you will be able to use stickers also at ATMs.

No, you only need the sticker to perform payments. Availability of internet connection or any device or its being charged is not required.

Moreover, you do not need to log into Mobile/Online Banking or enter transaction amount in your smartphone each time you make a payment.

Do I have to download an app in order to use the sticker?

As a VISA international product, the sticker works without any apps.

Yes, you can get cashback for payments made using the sticker. The amount will be credited to your main card account.

Yes, Visa PayStickers have PINs, which are required for payments above AMD 20,000. No PIN is required for payments under AMD 20,000.

You can perform up to 5 payments a day without entering PIN. The 6th transaction below AMD 20,000 will be rejected.

There are no restrictions for transactions above AMD 20,000.

The AMD 20,000 limit for payments without PIN has been set by VISA and is applicable to all cards in Armenia. You can’t change it.

However, as the sticker is an additional card linked to a main one, you can assign daily or monthly spending limits for it.

You cannot use stickers for payments online.