1.1 The Bank issues only Gift Cards that require activation.

1.2 The Cardholder’s name is not indicated on the Gift Card.

1.3 The Gift Card cannot be used for online payments, i.e. Internet Banking is not available for Gift Cards.

1.4 The Bank activates the Gift Card upon the request of the beneficiary (recipient of the card), once the latter has been properly identified by the Bank and has signed the required documents.

1.5 The Gift Card remains at the Bank until claimed during 30 days starting from the day it has been ordered. If the beneficiary (recipient of the card) fails to collect the card within the specified period, the application shall be canceled and the amount shall be transferred to the account specified by the applicant. Paid commissions are non-refundable.

1.6 The Gift Cards cannot be re-issued.

1.7 The amount on the Gift Card can only be used by using the card. The Gift Card cannot be used for online transactions.

1.8 In case of card loss, expiry of its validity period, damage, loss of PIN, seizure of the card by ATM or other problems with the card, the beneficiary (recipient of the card) should apply to the Bank if the card has been activated, otherwise the inquiry should be made by the applicant.

1.9 In case of card loss, expiry of its validity period, damage or loss of PIN the Bank shall pay the available card balance to the client, charging the fees specified herein.

1.10 The beneficiary (recipient of the card) shall bear all the risks associated with loss or unauthorized use (including use by third parties) of the Gift card if the card has been activated, otherwise all the risks shall be borne by the applicant.

1.11 Upon expiry of the validity period, the Gift Card shall be closed.

1.12 Once the Gift Card has been closed, the positive balance shall be transferred based on the order of the beneficiary (recipient of the card) if the card has been activated. If not, the payment shall be made based on the applicant’s order, subject to the fees defined by the Bank tariffs.

1.13 If the client has not provided the required information for transfer of the positive balance, then upon closing of the Gift Card, the card account with the positive balance shall be administered according to the General Terms and Conditions of Provision of Banking Services to Individuals and Payment Card Service and Usage Terms of Ameriabank CJSC.

1.14 Gift Cards shall be valid during 1 year.

1.15 Documents to be submitted by the applicant, and the beneficiary (recipient of the card) for activation of the card:

1.16 Documents to be filled out on Bank template forms:

1.17 At her/his choice, the Cardholder may change the PIN-code any time during the validity period of the card at the ATM with a relevant functionality. For this purpose, the Cardholder should enter the existing and the new PIN codes. If the Cardholder forgets the PIN, s/he may generate a new PIN by filling in the Bank’s template form and using an OTP.

1.18 OTP means a one-time password sent via SMS to the mobile phone number that you have provided to the Bank in writing. You may use the OTP to generate a card PIN and to activate the card. The PIN may be set at an ATM of any bank that is a member of payment-settlement system of the given card provided that such ATM is equipped with relevant technological solution.

1.19 If you prefer to generate the PIN code yourself, we will send you an OTP via SMS to the mobile phone number you’ve given us in writing, while you follow the ATM instructions to activate the card. You should enter the received OTP in the respective field on the ATM screen, after which you may set your PIN code. If you select using the OTP as a way to receive your PIN code, you will no longer be able to change this manner.

2.1 You may not make the Card, OTP, PIN and password available to a third party, write the PIN or OTP on the Card or keep the PIN slip and the Card together. You should take all precautions to ensure that the Card, OTP, PIN, password and the information embossed on the Card are not readily visible or otherwise accessible to other people.

2.2 When you enter your PIN-code, please make sure it is not visible to other persons and not recorded by cameras.

2.3 Watch closely during the transactions you make at leisure and entertainment facilities. It is recommended that you do not entrust your Card to other persons and do not allow use of the Card out of your sight.

2.4 Do not use ATMs, cashing devices and POS-terminals you find suspicious or not reliable, or devices the card readers, keyboard or cash dispensing holes of which are connected to foreign devices, conductors, adhesive tape, etc.

2.5 You should sign in the designated field on the back of the Card immediately upon receiving it. Absence of signature or its mismatch shall be a legal basis for rejection of card transaction or confiscation of the Card.

2.6 When setting a new PIN, it is recommended to use as complex PIN as possible. Please avoid using consecutive or repeated numbers.

2.7 You solely shall bear all risks of using the Card, OTP, PIN and password.

2.8 You should enter your PIN only if required to complete the transaction with that particular type of Card through the device you use at that time.

2.9 To protect yourself against fraudulent transactions, you may at any time during the validity period of the Card set transaction limits depending on the type or geographical coverage of card transactions. The limits shall be applicable only to transactions subject to authorization and shall be effective during the period specified by you.

2.10 For security considerations, the Bank can prohibit or restrict card transactions in higher-risk countries.

2.11 To improve security of the Card, upon your request we may send you an SMS-alert each time you perform a card transaction. The service is subject to the Bank fees. SMS-alerts are aimed to boost your chances of preventing fraudulent use of the Card. The Cardholders receive SMS-alerts about all transactions and can immediately report to the Bank any suspicions of fraud thus preventing further illegal use of the Card.

2.12 Upon receipt of an SMS on card transaction, you should check the transaction amount and status (executed, rejected, etc.). If you suspect fraud, promptly contact the Bank to block the Card.

2.13 You are required to inform the Bank promptly about any change in your mobile phone number available in our records if you have enrolled for an SMS-notification service or if you access other Bank services (including USSD service) via your mobile phone. Hereby you agree that if your information becomes known to third parties through you failing to inform us about changes in your phone number, such action shall not be considered disclosure of banking secrecy. The Bank shall not be held liable if the information stored on your mobile device or obtained via it has become known to other people due to access to your phone.

2.14 We shall not be held liable for any damage or loss you may suffer due to Card Transactions resulting in breach of the rules and requirements herein contained, or use, provision or disclosure of the Card, OTP, PIN, password or information embossed on the Card (Card number, CVV/CVC, validity date) to the third parties.

2.15 While executing an agreement with you, we shall provide Payment Card Terms and Conditions to you, which describe the rules of card use and its safety in detail.

3.1 If the Card has been lost, stolen or used without authorization (or you have such suspicion), please notify us or ArCa Processing Center immediately by any of the means below, in order to have your Card blocked:

3.2 If you wish to continue using your compromised Card, you should request the Bank to unblock it. In such cases, any and all liability for the damages and losses you may incur due to the use of the compromised Card shall be borne solely by you.

3.3 We will block the Card following your notification of the Card loss, theft or unauthorized use (such suspicion).

3.4 You solely shall be liable for any and all card transactions performed before the loss, theft or unauthorized use of the Card (such suspicion) has been reported to us.

3.5 You shall also be liable for the card transactions performed after reporting the loss, theft or unauthorized use of the Card (such suspicion) to us, if such transactions don't require authorization. To enable chargeback claims under the transactions not requiring authorization, we will place your Card in the Stop-List upon your request within the terms defined by respective payment system. The service is subject to the Bank Tariffs.

3.6 The Cardholder shall indemnify the Bank against any losses and damages it may suffer due to the Cardholder's failure to notify the Bank of the Card loss, theft or unauthorized use, or improper notice of the same, as well as due to misuse of the Card by the third parties before notifying the Bank.

3.7 In case of unauthorized use of the Card or such threat, notify the Bank immediately and request to block the Card.

4.1 After three consecutive incorrect entries of the PIN the Card will be blocked and/or swallowed by the ATM. The Card may be swallowed by the ATM if you don't take it within 20 (twenty) seconds after it pops out, as well as if there are technical problems with the ATM or if the Card is damaged.

4.2 We may suspend your card transactions (block the Card) at our sole discretion in any of the cases below:

4.3 If the ATM does not return the Card after the transaction, but the ATM screen and the receipt do not display the seizure notice, you should immediately call us and make sure that the Card has been blocked. Otherwise the Card should be immediately blocked.

4.4 The blocked Card shall be unblocked by us on the same business day when we receive your written request to do so, unless otherwise envisaged under the Payment Card Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank. If the Card had been blocked at the initiative of the Bank, we shall lift the block on the same day when the reasons for Card blocking are discharged, unless otherwise envisaged under these Terms and Conditions and the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank.

5.1 If you have any objections or disagreement with regard to the card transactions, you may file a chargeback application with us not later than within 30 (thirty) days following receipt of the Statement. You should enclose supporting documents together with the application and any other information we may reasonably request.

5.2 You may also file a chargeback application if the transaction you made at the merchant has been canceled but the merchant failed to return the amount of the canceled transactions within the set period or within the terms below:

• 10 days upon transaction cancellation if the transaction was made in Armenia • 30 days if the transaction was made in other countries

5.3 We shall not be liable for your card transactions, however, we'll use our best efforts to help you in resolving the issue. Failure to resolve the issue shall not release you from your liabilities to the Bank.

5.4 Disputing of transactions made at merchants shall not be considered a complaint or a claim against the Bank and our actions shall be limited to intermediation and facilitation only.

5.5 If the investigation shows that you did make the disputed transaction or the transaction is a result of breach of Card rules, you will be charged a fee pursuant to the Bank Tariffs.

5.6 We will respond to your chargeback application within the following terms:

5.7 To the extent permitted by law, we shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect losses you may incur through failure or malfunctioning of ATMs, POS-terminals or merchants unless the following conditions are in place at the same time:

In any case, our liability shall be limited to the actual (direct) loss caused to you.

5.8 The Bank shall not be liable for any losses and damages you may incur due to interrupted or late activation of the amount on your Card Account. In particular, in the event of technical issues or on the first business day of each month it might take longer than the defined term to activate transaction amounts on your account.

6.1 In case of Card closure (cancellation or expiry of the validity period) you must return the Card to the Bank. If for any reason you are unable to return the Card but you have it with you, you should destroy it by cutting through the magnetic stripe and the chip. We shall not be liable for any transactions made with your Card as a result of your failure to return the Card to us.

6.2 We have the right to terminate any and all card transactions (cancel the Card) and close your Card Account in the following cases:

6.3 If we close the Card at our initiative, we may request you to pay all outstanding liabilities you have to the Bank.

6.4 You have the right to cancel the Card and close the Card Account at your sole discretion, giving us prior written notice and paying all Card-related liabilities to the Bank in full.

6.5 In case of termination of the Card before the expiry date the charged service fee is not refundable.

6.6 Card closure shall not terminate your outstanding liabilities to the Bank, including interest and penalties accrued.

6.7 In case of Card closure you will also be required to pay all dues under the transactions made before the closure date but reported to us after Card closure.

6.8 After 3 (three) business days upon Card closure and processing all Card-related transactions to your Card Account, we will transfer the remaining balance on your Card Account to your other accounts with the Bank.

If you don't have other accounts with us, further service of your Card Account shall be subject to the current account service terms and the Card Account will be closed only after the balance is zeroed out.

7.1 Acting in accordance with the Republic of Armenia Law “On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing” we may request you to provide additional information and documents for the customer due diligence based on the “Know your customer” principle, as well as ask you additional questions during verbal communication (if required so).

7.2 Agreements, covenants, cooperation or memberships of the Bank may have direct impact on opening and service of client accounts (for example, according to the agreement executed with the US under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) the financial institution may collect additional information to find out whether you are a US tax payer).

7.3 We will provide you account statements through communication channels and at frequency agreed between you and us and/or in accordance with the Armenian laws and regulations. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE BANK VIA THE CHANNEL YOU PREFER: BY REGULAR POST OR EMAIL. EMAIL IS THE MOST CONVENIENT WAY TO GET INFORMATION. IT’S AVAILABLE 24/7, FREE FROM RISK OF LOSS OF INFORMATION STORED ON PAPER AND IS MORE CONFIDENTIAL.

7.4 If you don't dispute the statement during thirty (30) days after the statement date, it will be deemed accepted by you.

7.5 Your right to manage the funds on the account cannot be restricted, except where (i) funds are blocked or restricted or transactions through account suspended in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Armenia by request of the Service for Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts or tax authorities based on court ruling or award, or (ii) this is envisaged by other agreements entered into by and between you and the Bank or by Republic of Armenia laws and regulations.

7.6 Funds on the account can be withdrawn without the client’s instruction by request of the Service for Compulsory Execution of Judicial Acts and tax authorities based on court ruling or award, as well as in cases provided for by applicable Armenian laws and agreements entered into between the Bank and the client.

7.7 Repayment of the balance on the bank account, including card accounts, is guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund (location: 15 Khorenatsi St., 0010, Yerevan, Elite Plaza Business Center) in accordance with the Republic of Armenia Law “On Guarantee of Remuneration of Bank Deposits of Individuals”.

7.8 According to the Republic of Armenia Law “On Guarantee of Remuneration of Bank Deposits of Individuals” any funds available on settlement, current, time, savings, card or other accounts with the bank are considered to be a bank deposit.

7.9 The guaranteed deposit amounts are:

In addition:

7.10 Any and all relations between you and the Bank not regulated by this Information Guide shall be subject to the Payment Card Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions of the Bank, the Bank Tariffs, binding legal contracts between you and the Bank and the laws and regulations of Armenia. Where not regulated by the laws and regulations of Armenia, such relations shall be regulated by customary business practices.

7.11 To find out more about the service network of the Bank, location and open hours of the branches, please visit Service Network.

7.12 Attention! Individuals are entitled to submit their claims arising out of the transaction between the financial institution and the consumer to the Financial System Mediator. Ameriabank has waived its right to dispute the decisions of the Financial System Mediator which is applicable only in relation to the claims, where the amount of the property claim does not exceed AMD 250,000 or its equivalent in another currency, and the amount of transaction does not exceed AMD 500,000 or its equivalent in another currency.